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House full

House full
Linson Antony
Tini Tom, Jyothirmayi
Neil D' Cunha
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A traffic police constable, who is looking for a bride marries a girl from another religion. It takes some time for the wife to get pregnant and when she does, they have four kids in one delivery. The couple struggles to bring them up.

Debutant director Linson Antony's House full moves ahead with this wafer thin plot and in all fairness, the makers have put in some efforts to make it entertaining. There are some moments here and there, especially if you enjoy watching all those comedies on TV.

Adityan (Tini Tom) is a traffic constable and for quite some time in the first half, the film is focused on his efforts to find a match. Emily (Jyothirmayi) is a salesgirl in a garment store and the two have known each other for a while. After several attempts, Emily asks Adityan, why can't they marry each other?

The families desert them after their marriage and they have real trouble bringing up the quadruplets. If you are the kind who find double meaning dialogues and anything on booze funny, well, there are lines aplenty to keep you engaged.

Linson Antony and his team have managed to come up with a just about okay show here, especially with the limited resources available. The script by Shiju Nambiyath is a rather ordinary one. The jokes are loud and most of the actors repeatedly yell out their lines, like in most of those comedy skits or dramas.

Tini Tom has taken sincere efforts to look convincing in his maiden attempt as the male lead, though his talents as an actor is pretty limited. Jyothirmayi is okay but she efforts are evidently half-hearted.

House full is a meek entertainer, which treads along a rather safe path, aiming the ones who have limited expectations at the theatres. Go for it, only if you belong to that category.

Verdict: Average


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