How Jaane Tu... began

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 23, 2008 08:52 hrs

Imran Khan and Abbas Tyrewala are making their debut as actor and director respectively in Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. It certainly was not an easy ride for the duo, but their first hurdle was to convince Aamir Khan to produce the film.

Aamir is known to be choosy. And here’s how he reacted when he first heard the script of.

Imran and Abbas went to Aamir to narrate the script. Abbas started reading out, but halfway through his energy started to fail him because Aamir was showing no reaction. Whether the sequences were funny or emotional, Aamir just sat there with no expression on his face. Imran began to perspire and Abbas started to get nervous.

After a two-hour narration, Aamir got up and said, 'I have a meeting. Someone is waiting for me. Could you guys wait’ and he left the room. An hour of anxiety passed, then Aamir walked in and asked, 'So, when do you guys start shooting?'

"That one hour of waiting was excruciating for Imran and me. Both of us didn't know how he would react,” said Abbas. “We knew that if he didn't like the script, he wouldn’t produce it. But not to have any reactions, even for the funniest scenes, was nerve-racking. When he came back and asked ‘when do we shoot’ both Imran and I were stunned because by then we had convinced ourselves that he had not liked the script!"

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