Hyderabad police gather strong evidence against RGV

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 19, 2018 11:32 hrs
God, Sex and Truth

Ram Gopal Varma on Saturday was questioned by Hyderabad police in a case related to his adult film God, Sex and Truth for four hours. They confiscated his passport. It is said that the police have gathered enough evidence to prove that he has not the shot the film in Poland or London as he had earlier claimed. They reportedly have found enough documents to prove that the film was shot in India.

RGV didn’t leave India for Europe in the recent times.

Ram Gopal Varma, on the other hand, says God, Sex and Truth doesn’t fall under the genre of porn film but a movie with explicit nudity. “A video turns porn when it involves sex between two persons,” he reasons. He also added that he always said the film was his philosophical treatise, not porn.

Ram Gopal Varma also offered apologies to Mani, the woman activist who blamed the director for objectifying women and slammed him for directing porn films. During a TV discussion, RGV said he would make a sequel to God, Sex and Truth with Mani as the lead actress instead of Mia Malkova. Another woman activist Devi lodged a complaint with the police in this case. He said he should not have made such comment and offered apologies.

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