Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer: Finally some action!

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 12, 2012 12:49 hrs

It's a mega face-off that's coming our way! It's taken five movies in total for the The Twilight Saga franchise to offer us something that's exciting.

Blame it on the gatorade-ed background score if you will, but it is a rush to see vampires from various corners of the world standup against the Volturi. Maybe it's the 'sticking it up to the man' storyline that has us invested in it. We all like to see the good guys win. Then again, it's probably because the Cullens finally have a cause worthy enough to fight for than a sappy romance.

Meet Renesmee, the daughter of Bella and Edward. She's got her mother's face - hardly an emotion passes her serene pretty countenance despite being at the centre of a war. Renesmee has been mistakenly identified as an immortal, a child converted to a vampire. Due to the volatile temperaments of an 'immortal', the practice of creating one has been banned by the self-anointed guardians of vampires, the Volturi.

As a now super-charged Bella reveals, 'Renesmee was born not bitten." Due to all this communication gap what with the Volturi residing in sunny Italy and the Cullens skulking in the cold, there's no time to sort things out but go to battle. And we're game!

Joining the ranks are Jacob and his pack of werewolves. The boy will never get the message. If he's ready to die for the daughter of an unrequited love, who dares stop him.

However, there is one scene that's a bit of a let down. The aerial view when the Cullens & gang rushing towards the Volturi reveals the expanse of the battle. And it's paltry! Apart from the Cullens there seem to only be a handful of like-minded individuals who've joined their cause. And the Volturi themselves aren't a very big outfit.

Will this be an 'epic' battle like the trailer promises? But more importantly, will any of the Twihards line-up for the film after the heartbreaking news of the lead stars falling apart? Find out on November 16.

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