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ABCD review: An Ode to Dance!

Remo D'Souza
Kay Kay Menon,
Ganesh Acharya,
Lauren Gottlieb,
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When a film cares about the subject, it shows. And this film deeply cares for dance.

As you question the use of 3D in a dance film, all apprehensions are quelled soon enough. A spectacular Ganesh visarjan scene with local youngsters dancing, a drug addict showing off a dance full of dark and gritty moves (one of the best dance pieces in the film), a dance where a son defies the father in a rain-soaked scene, an underground dance competition with close ups of hands forming a mudra--it's just exhilarating!

So is the use of unconventional props including a stick, buckets, confetti etc. (nicely used for 3D gimmickry).

Prabhudeva plays a teacher and the guru-student equation is truly delightful (he's helping them find themselves through dance).

Sadly, Prabhudeva is as bad an actor as good he is as a dancer. Since the film revolves mostly around him, that's a bit of a handicap.

His students are made up of eye-poppingly good dancers (several of them reality show winners) who're equally smart performers.

The film gets a tad melodramatic towards the end, but doesn't fixate on it for too long. Also the villain angle (with an unintentionally comic edge) played by Kay Kay Menon is a drag.

Director Remo is an astute and articulate storyteller. He rightly gives equal importance to music and it is quite spectacular (with super-fun lyrics too).

Again, the sets and styling are superb.

This film shows you dance like you've never seen before. Not the indulgence of Naach or the repetitive gymnastics that pass off as dance in celeb reality shows. This is dance in all its grime and beauty.

A word of advice-- do stick on for the end credits. An apt end to the film, you might find yourself cheer. This ode to dance is a must-watch!

Rating: Four stars


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