`I admire women`

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 10, 2014 07:07 hrs

This is the 25th year for actor Jagapathi Babu. Having played lead roles in more than 100 films all these years, he has now turned baddie on screen.

"Let me be honest with you, I have taken up negative roles as there is no demand for me as hero. My core fans are women who are not willing to come out from their living rooms to the theatres to watch my movies. They are happily addicted to TV soap operas. I realized this three years ago," Jagapathi said in a no-holds-barred interview given to a television channel. 

Jagapathi Babu will be seen as a `stylized villain` in Balakrishna starrer Legend, that is scheduled for release this summer.

He told the channel that he will continue doing character roles, villain roles but he has his own criteria of signing a film. 

He has two daughters. "But there were rumors that I have another daughter too. Don`t know where she is now,” he laughs. Yet, he admits he `admires women`. "It is a fact that all men seek the company of beautiful love women. I love women too."

About linkups with heroines (when he was at prime of his career he was reportedly involved romantically with two of the then leading heroines), he denied them. He narrated one incident: "I was sitting with my wife one evening, and I got this call from a friend asking me whether I was going to get married in a few minutes with a particular heroine." But he agreed he used to be close friends with them. 

When asked about the reason behind his financial problems, he admitted that he lost money. "I went through a very bad phase recently but few friends - Matrix Prasad and R R Venkat helped me a lot. Actor Arjun was helpful though I didn`t borrow any money from him. "

Was indulging in betting and frequenting the casinos the main reason for financial woes? "No. I went to Las Vegas and did gamble but hardly lost any money there. I don`t deny I enjoyed going to casinos but I didn`t put anyone`s money, nor did I cheat anyone. It was my money. Nor did I lose heavily while gambling. Although some expenses frequenting them should be taken into consideration too," he confessed. 

He says flamboyant lifestyle could be one reason. "And the other main important reason is that I gave money to others when they sought my help and the money was never returned. They say, a friend in need in a friend indeed. I helped many but no one returned the money they took from me," he adds.

The 51-year-old actor celebrates his birthday on Feb 12th. 

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