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I am a huge fan of Vijay: Nayanthara

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 08, 2009 13:26 hrs

She is smart, aggressive and knows what's best for her. Politically correct and to the point, she radiates positive energy to people around her. She may not grab headlines with her quotes but she surely knows how to keep people hooked. With a warm smile, Nayanthara chats about Villu, Vijay and more with Sify.com.

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Will Prabhu Deva?s Villu be the true test of your talent?

We'll see. I don't know if Villu is the test of my talent. All I know is that, I've worked very hard like always and I'm proud to be a part of this film. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed working on Villu and its unit, be it producers Ayangaran, my director Prabhu Deva, hero Vijay, Vadivelu, cameraman Ravi Varman and all the assistants. It was excellent team work and we all have put our heart and soul into the film. It's a feel good film typical Vijay film, something that will make you feel alive.

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How was it working with a tough task master like Prabhu Deva?
He is such a gentleman. But I think he is a tyrant on the sets, and gets the best out of his artists. He enacts every scene and is a perfectionist.

Did you enjoy working with Vijay?
First and foremost, let me confess that I am a huge fan of Vijay. I have never told him this (smiles), but that's the truth. I have watched all his films and enjoyed each and every scene in it. We shared a great camaraderie on the sets. He is a wonderful person, very comfortable to work with, is dedicated and above all very intelligent.

You have been receiving a lot of flak for taking up characters that you did in Kuselan, Sathyam and Aegan which were more of glamour. Please comment
In all these films, I had a good role with comedy, romance and songs. After all, I can only choose the roles that come to me and I put my heart and soul into each and every film that I do. It's up to the director of any film to bring out the best in the artiste, extract good work and create that magic to show them in positive light. But let me assure you that in Villu my character has shaped out well.

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What is the most important lesson you've learnt in this industry?
That patience pays for a lifetime.

Tell us about your favourite song in Villu?
Well, I like all the songs but I enjoyed doing the Jalsa number that we shot in Phuket. Ravi Varman has tried out something different by doing a fantastic job with lighting, close-ups etc.

Being a superb dancer himself, were you relieved that Prabhu Deva did not choreograph any songs in the film?
Even though he gave complete freedom to all the dance masters, he was there throughout and had his eagle eyes on every step. He is a sharp observer and notices each and every expression and comes up with his suggestions if any.

What is that one thing you enjoyed most during the Villu shoot?
It was the travel. We shot in places like Pollachi, Pazhani, Karaikudi, Chalakudi, Chennai, 20 days in Switzerland, Thailand and Bangkok. The experience was memorable.

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