I am indebted to my fans: Vijay

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 20, 2011 04:56 hrs

By Sridevi Sreedhar

He is one star on whom God doused an extra dose of charisma and his films take a great opening and work purely on his larger-than-life image.

Taking a deviation from his formulaic, predictable mass entertainers, his Pongal release Kaavalan is a pure love story aimed at family audiences. 

There is no doubt that he is a genuine superstar, as Kaavalan which released without any kind of publicity, or television support, opened to 100 percent collection throughout Tamilnadu and overseas including metros like Mumbai. 

In this exclusive first-ever interview after the release of Kaavalan, Vijay opens up to sify.com about the tough time he had releasing the film.
First and foremost, Congratulations, the way you fought against all odds to release Kaavalan.
Thanks a ton to all my fans and well-wishers for giving Kaavalan an overwhelming response, without their support and prayers it would not have been possible. (Smiles)

This must be your first film, which went through so much of trouble. Please comment?
Yes, I cannot deny it. Everyone knows that pressures and problems during release are very common to all films. In my case, each time such a situation arises, I sit and discuss how to resolve it, call the concerned parties and find a solution and amicably settle it. But Kaavalan was a new experience for me. I knew very well that some vested interests were behind the scenes to see that my film did not release for Pongal.

The best part of it is that I never knew who these people were and why they had to remain behind the scene which made it difficult for me to sort out the issues.

But there were rumours doing the rounds that Kaavalan has been pushed to Jan 28th? Don't you think that it would have been a better idea to get a big release than this?
First and foremost, Kaavalan was planned for a Pongal release and why should I lose out on the all-important holiday weekend? This 28th date was mere speculation of the so-called vested interests who were spreading the rumour. I was upset that we could not release on Jan 14 th and in most of the southern Tamilnadu it opened only for evening and night shows on 15th. Trust me (Smiles), I was not sure myself on 15th morning 9 am whether my film will release or not.

Did you give up your salary for the film?
Well, There is  nothing new to it, as I have done it in the past. Money does not excite me and as far as Kaavalan release goes, it was a big battle for me.
And I had a commitment to my fans and the trade, that the film will release for Pongal.

But inspite of all this and zero-publicity, Kaavalan opened big?
I have to thank my fans for it. They waited patiently outside my house, office, lab and theatres to find out the release time. They supported me, stood with me and fought the battle with me. I am indebted to them for this and seeing them smile and giving the film such a huge welcome, I have forgotten all what I went through. It has given me a new energy and morale boost.

Kaavalan is definitely one of your best films.Your performance was rocking. What are your favourite scenes in the film?
I simply loved my character Bhoominathan who is innocent and simple at heart. It is a pure love story with an amazing twist. I loved the college scenes, the park scene with Asin and the last 20 minutes of climax. Full credit goes to director Siddique.

In spite of limited screens and losing out on your favourite single screens, Kaavalan is slowly turning into a hit.
I have to thank my fans and family audiences for it. And what touched me is that even fans of other actors are watching my film. And what I have to tell them is like the lyrics in my song: Unnaiyaro Pettirikku Ennaiyaro Pettirikku Aanalum Neeyum Naanum Annan Thambi Than  is  apt for this.
How is Velayudham shaping up?
(Smiles) Super. Director M Raja is a talented director and people have so far seen him only directing his brother. After watching Velayudham, I can guarantee that all heroes in Tamil will want to work with him. Hansika and Genelia are my heroines and the reason why I take on villains is sensible and convincing, which I feel will be the highlight.


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