I can't visualise myself running around trees: Vani Tripathi

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 04, 2005 07:25 hrs

New Delhi: The trend of 'star-struck' entrants to Bollywood willing to 'give their eye teeth' to do the mandatory 'song-and-dance' in a Hindi film seems to be passe.

Bursting on the doors of Bollywood are a new breed of actors who prefer to do ‘sensible cinema’ dealing with relationship-oriented themes rather than relegate themselves to doing the "song and dance routine".

Theatre actor-turned film and television star Vani Tripathi (remember Ashutosh Rana’s wife in Tanuja Chandra’s Dushman, or the wife of Shah Rukh Khan’s friend in Chalte Chalte!) is among those 'new generation' actors who prefer to ‘bide their own time for the right break’ rather than doing the ‘usual candyfloss stuff’.

‘’Not for me the song and dance routine. I just cannot visualise myself "running around the trees singing songs with the hero" that characterises a majority of the films made in Bollywood,’’ says Vani Tripathi, who made a debut a few years ago with Tanuja Chandra’s Dushman (where she played the role of Ashutosh Rana’s wife who is killed by him).

Quite active in Delhi’s theatre circuit, where she did several plays during her stint with the National School of Drama as an acting teacher a few years ago, Vani, in quest of exposure in ‘sensible cinema’, has, over the years, dabbled in various kinds of world cinema.

Having done a key role in a French film Omero (the only Asian to star in the film) besides doing a few British Canadian TV series, Vani’s quest for sensible cinema has prompted her to turn executive producer for Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana Hai, a beautiful tale of relationships with a heavy socio-political under current.

‘’Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana Hai represents just the kind of 'sensible cinema' I would want to be associated with as an actor.

For one, the film affords an opportunity to work with several like-minded people from the world of theatre including Aditya Srivastava, Vijay Maurya, Ashok Shinde and Suhita Thatte, all of which share my view that cinema should, first and foremost, be a medium of social change,’’Vani said.

''Infact, Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana hai is the first time that so many people associated with theatre are coming together in one film. I am the Executive Producer of the film in the sense that I have been responsible for "mounting" the film - assembling the cast, deciding on location etc.,'' she said.

Talking about the film, whose first shooting schedule was recently completed in Mumbai, Vani said,’’it is a relationship-oriented film with the lot of socio-political under current. It is about how people get shattered by socio-political events around them even though they may have nothing to do with them (the events).’’ Being produced by Mr Suresh Jain of Vasudha film, the film is slated for an August September release.

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