I`d rather be a street brawl than a dead punching bag: Gautham

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 19, 2013 06:55 hrs

Gautham Vasudeva Menon is a director you cannot ignore or avoid. 

After reading the exclusive interview of his "good professional friend" Elred Kumar, in sify.com,  Gautham feels that some of  Elred`s unsavoury comments has damaged his image and credibility and he needs to clarify certain points to everyone.

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Gautham who has done five films for Elred Kumar and his RS Infotainment says he is deeply hurt by false allegations against him. He clarifies saying: "I don`t owe any money to Elred. I did Neethane En Ponvasantham on first copy basis for Elred so that he recovers the money. The  Rs 4 crore that he is talking about which he gave me for London shoot is absolute bogus. 

"I would like to clarify that we kept thinking of shooting that portion in London but since all my films have a foreign shoot with the boy looking for the girl, I changed it to Manappad with the consent of all the actors involved. Editor Anthony also strongly suggested we don`t go abroad as that`s what I have done in all my films earlier."

Gautham explains: "Which producer would give Rs 4 Crore for a shoot abroad? The property that Elred is talking about is my dream, my hard work for years for which I have taken huge loan from Indian Bank in Kotturpuram, Chennai for which there are records. How can he allege that I brought this property out of his money?"

Calming down, he reveals that signing Ilayaraja for NEP was a conscious decision after AR Rahman got busy and all he wanted was to give a surprise to everyone. And the grand audio launch of NEP, Gautham says "was completely funded by my Photon Kathaas and Jaya TV for which Elred didn`t spent any money".

A peeved Guatham added: "And today, he is telling everyone that he tried to talk to me? That`s a big lie. After the release of NEP he just avoided me. He did not speak nor meet me. In fact I had told him that after completing a project with Suriya, I will be doing a film for his RS Infotainment but now that he is going all out to malign me by taking the legal route, why should I?"

Concludes Gautham: "I`d rather be a street brawl than a dead punching bag. I`m not looking for sympathy by speaking so and Elred Kumar cannot stop me from doing my job and I can prove that I don`t owe him any money. All these false allegations cannot deter my passion for movies".