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I Don't Luv You review: Torturous!

I Don't Luv U
Amit Kasaria
Ruslaan Mumtaz, Chetna Pande, Murli Sharma
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Look there. There's that character of a college kid who gawks at women's anatomy accumulating "data" in his mind. The film shows you close ups - of every possible angle of a woman.

All the college students (male) are shown as insensitive louts who get a kick out of harassing their female classmates. I am sure the director justifies it as representing the "youth" of the country. It's a sorry picture.

And it's insulting for the youth to be portrayed like this. In the end, you only see what you want to see.

The film is technically competent and lead actor Ruslaan has spark, but that's pointless in a film like this. Director Amit Kasaria (also responsible for the story, lyrics and music) makes a film that would be unintentionally hilarious, if it weren't so torturous.

The plot is asinine. Yuvaan (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and his gang of friends are pure nuisance. A song shows the boys' day out, mainly comprising of harassing women. The sardar friend is naturally a dunce and puts his hand on a girl's waist in the movie ticket queue. While watching the movie, they keep disturbing others, usually women.

Yuvaan leads the pack and thinks its charming to start a conversation with a girl saying, "Do you believe is sex at first sight?" If you find that is funny, I am totally judging you right now.

Despite this cheesy introduction line, new girl Aayra finds it worthwhile to talk to him. He gawks at her when she's practicing dance, scans her top-to-toe when she's talking. In the real world, he'd be shunned or slapped. In our film, the girl finds herself drawn towards this man who oddly wears an open shirt over his T-shirt (the college boy staple of last decade).

Even Aayra's characterisation is extreme and doesn't make much sense. And we really don't get her hyper-prudish sensibilities as she recoils every time her boyfriend makes a move on her. At night, she pours it all in her diary (which she writes in Hindi).

Culturally exposed (she lived in London before flying to India) and seemingly intelligent, we wonder what she sees in him. The Lout and the Lovely? It's a mismatch made in hell.

But then films are where fantasies come true, however improbable.

And yes, this film is one born out of fantasy and as far removed from reality as you can imagine. Imagine, a college couple's personal video (only kissing) goes viral. A channel picks it up (why would they?) and showcases it as a sex scandal (huh?).

A couple kissing is a national sex scandal? It gets more bizarre. They get thrown out of college, and get this, even get arrested!

For the rest, you'll have to watch the film. Or not. You know enough to make a decision.

Rating: 1/2 star


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