I have been cheated by Gautham: Elred Kumar

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 18, 2013 09:55 hrs

Friendships in tinsel town are brittle. It is just a matter of time, convenience, priorities and changing equations between the powerful!

The Gautham Vasudeva Menon – Elred Kumar friendship has taken a turn for the worst. When close friends split, the relationship sooner or later takes an ugly turn.

It started with Elred Kumar going to court demanding that he be paid back for all his financial losses. Gautham, after initially keeping quite in a strongly worded letter to the media and industry said the court has granted him “the right to work and earn himself”.

Gautham’s message was clear he wanted to make more movies and move on in life. Gautham pleaded – “Please assist me and free me from the harassment of Elred Kumar.”

In an exclusive chat with sify.com, Elred Kumar said: “ He is my good friend for many years but how long can I be taken for a  sucker ride and cheated for crores? I am answerable to my other partners and shareholders”
Elred Kumar adds: “The proverbial last straw was that during the making of Neethane En Ponvasantham, as per the original script, the heroine played by Samantha was to go away to London and do a course at Oxford University. Gautham took Rs 4 Crore from me saying it is for the London shoot of NEP which never happened and instead he purchased a brand new property with that amount! Later, after the film released and bombed, he refused to take up my call or come for an out-of-court settlement.”

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The peeved producer also said: “ Gautham is now trying to whip up sympathy by his emotional outburst through a letter addressed to the media. I ‘am deeply hurt, we have never tried to attach his house where he is staying but is only trying to attach the new property he purchased by conning us saying he needs money to shoot in London.” 

Elred is confident that he has all the evidences and he is sure that the judgement will be in his favour. He says he wants the truth to come out.