I have emerged a much stronger person: Nayanthara

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When Nayanthara decides to give an interview after two years, you know it’s got to be something out of the ordinary. The last time she spoke to me was after the release of Sri Ramarajyam and then she went to hiding again.  Is it a part of her strategy? 

Like it or not, Nayan is like that. After a two year break from films she is back. Two back-to-back hits- Raja Rani and Arrambam the actress is still a phenomenon and the undisputed queen bee of Tamil cinema. Trade pundits have already anointed her as Heroine No:1.

And after completing a decade in movies, this October (Her first film released in October, 2003) Nayan still rules. And still she’s like that excited newcomer who wants to put her best into everything she attempts, even not satisfied until she gets the answer to my questions right. As much as she is enjoying her success, Nayan would like to play it down and focus on her work. Sridevi Sreedhar meets Showbiz's bold and beautiful lady... 

Presenting Nayanthara- the uncut version

Raja Rani and now Arrambam- What’s the taste of success like?
(Laughs) I have been around for 10 years and seen it all- Success and failures.  What I can sense is that there is a lot of positivity around me and I feel blessed and happy. To be back after a two-year hiatus and being welcomed by the industry and accepted by the audiences makes me feel good. If this is what success is, then it’s a great feeling.

How did you celebrate Diwali? Did you watch Arrambam?
I was in Chennai on Diwali day. Watched Arrambam with director Vishnuvardhan at a special screening and had to reach Hyderabad in the evening for shoot of Gopichand film.

Arrambam is your third film with Ajith. What was the difference this time around?
I don’t feel any difference. He hasn’t changed one bit, and if at all he has, then it’s that he has become more caring and extremely protective about people around him and I always wonder how a person can be loved by all his fellow actors and audiences?  I think it’s only because of the person that he is. His persona is infectious.

Any tips on how to survive and succeed in this industry?
It’s simple - Sheer Dedication, honesty to whatever you do, never lose your confidence and loads of blessing. Success follows.

Today film makers are looking beyond your glamour and acknowledging you as an actress. Comment
I have always said this in past too that glamour for me is being stylish and the way you carry yourself. In Indian cinema, heroines have to look glamourous on screen. I think glamour is not all about skin show and one can look more glamorous in a pavadai-dhavani or sari than in a bikini, if you have the right attitude.
Even in past I have done films like Yaaradi Nee Mohini where there was enough scope to perform. And now my characters in films like Raja Rani, Arrambam, Kahaani remake, Kathirvelanin Kathal are sure to get me approval stamps from critics. 

Every filmmaker or hero who has worked with you wants to work with you again. Why?
 I think you should ask this question to them (Smiles). I am always proud that I take my work seriously and do it with sincerity.  Arrambam is my second film with Vishnu, third with Ajith sir and Arya.

Two super hits in a row and do you believe that you’ve left your contemporaries far behind?
I never had time to think about others, what films someone else is doing or how successful someone else’s film is. I have only focussed on my work and better it with each film.

You and Arya seem to be a hot couple. Is he your friend or is there any relationship more than that?
 I have always maintained that Arya is my good friend, but no one seems to understand it. He has his own life and I have mine beyond movies. Whenever I was in relationships earlier, I was open about it and never try to deny by saying the cliched line that “we are friends” . Arya is always there for me and there is a comfort level between us. We are a good on-screen Jodi and its convenient and easy for people to round it up and say more to our equation.

So you are single?
Yes. Very much (smiles).

Any unfulfilled wishes after 10 years in industry?
After completing 10 years in this industry, looking back I am extremely happy and thankful. I feel overwhelmed when I get so much love. The industry has been a place where I’ve met some warm and nice people. A lot of it is the goodwill.

I had this regret of not getting a strong, well-written role, but the role in Raja Rani gave me full satisfaction as an actress. I received so many calls from friends, well-wishers and fans after watching the film. But still as an actress you are always greedy to get more such roles. And today after being a part of commercial cinema for a decade, I am extremely choosy about the projects I take up. Emotionally I have emerged a much stronger and focused person.



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