Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai - Old wine in new bottle

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Critic's Rating: 18/5

Monday 12 May 2003

Movie Title

Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai


Anil Kumar Sharma

Star Cast

Sharbani Mukherjee
Sunny Deol

Arjun Hongorani's Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai is a formula film -- old wine in new bottle, in short. The film also marks the debut of Amit Hingorani, son of Arjun. The film directed by Anil Kumar Sharma also stars Sharbani Mukherjee, Dharmendra and Sunny Deol, Shakti Kapoor, Alok Nath and Farida Jalal in major roles.

Karan is a young college going kid of Dharam (Dharmendra) and Laxmi (Farida Jalal). Laxmi leaves her husband Dharam after she learned that he is a thief. Dharam is the modern day Robinhood and helps the poor through his efforts. Even Karan helps him in his effort. Laxmi however, is unaware of her son's activities. Meanwhile, Karan and Priya are in love but both could not express their love to each other. Sandwich (Johny Lever) tries to help them out along with Nikky (Rushali).

On the other hand, the activities of Dharam and Karan are at their peak and the whole police force is hell bent on bringing them to the books. The commissioner reinstates CBI officer Arjun Singh (Sunny Deol) to capture them. Arjun assures the media that he will bring the culprits behind the bars in ten days and Karan accepts the challenge. In an attempt to steal a diamond, Arjun Singh arrests Karan while Dharam is accidentally killed. This leaves both Priya and Laxmi shattered, and Laxmi disowns him. Karan is sentenced to two years imprisonment. After his release Karan gets a job with a millionaire Somnath Arya (Alok Nath), Priya?s father.

Devraj (Shakti Kapoor) blackmails Somnath, as he possesses some secrets of him. Karan gets the news from his doctor that he has blood cancer. This leaves Karan with no option but to get back to stealing as he has his responsibilities to complete before he dies. Somnath requests Karan to help him out but is trapped in Devraj?s murder. Who is the culprit and who wants to frame Karan? After a series of roller coaster rides of events the killer is finally nabbed with the help of Arjun Singh.

The film has some good light moments in the first half and also a couple of hummable tracks. The love angle of Karan and Priya is properly developed and some comic punches are successful in evoking laughter. The scenes with Dharmendra are also worth notable and Sunny's entry is quite appealing for the masses. But it is the second half where all the problems start.

The screenplay starts to lose its touch. This is the perfect example of too many things spoiling a dish. There are so many tracks involved like the thief element, the blood cancer element, and Devraj?s blackmailing of Somnath and, last but not the least, the love angle which all gets mixed up and leaves the viewer confused. The dialogues lack the desired impact. There was no need to make the film a suspense drama when there were enough of things happening. Director Anil Kumar Sharma has handled a few sequences with dexterity, but that's about it.

The sequences involving Shakti Kapoor and Alok Nath and the suspense element lack the thrills so essential in a story like this. Also, the placement of songs is improper, with a few songs acting as speed breakers in the narrative of the second half. All through the second half, the characters in the film and even the viewer feel the presence of the supposedly suspense element, but when the focus shifts to an altogether new person, the outcome lacks the necessary punch.

Viju Sha comes up with some good music, especially the title song. But the picturisation leaves much to be desired. Amit Hingorani makes an impressive debut. He is relatively at ease with the action and emotional scenes and romantic scenes. Sharbani Mukherjee does not have the glamour and does not fit the bill. However, she delivers in patches.

Dharmendra in a cameo is good but before one would want more of him, he dies. Sunny Deol in a special appearance delivers as always. Shakti Kapoor just passes muster. Alok Nath does his part well. Farida Jalal is routine. Guddi Maruti, Upasana Singh, Rushali, Nilofer and the rest of the cast fit the bill.

Overall, the film lacks the necessary impact, looks outdated and does not have the gloss to appeal to any section. Weak in content and a weaker climax will curtail its prospects to a great extent. The film has very limited scope at the Box-Office.

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