Khamoshiyan review: Bhatt, naturally!

Khamoshiyan review: Bhatt, naturally!

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 31 January 2015

Movie Title



Karan Darra

Star Cast

Gurmeet Choudhary, Ali Fazal, Sapna Pabbi

A deserted guest house, a piano (for no obvious reason), a mysterious woman (who can talk in a man's voice at will), a writer looking for inspiration, and a laughing ghost among other paranormal elements. In short, this is a mash-up of countless Vikram Bhatt films (he's the producer-writer here) in the past.

Mr. Writer (Ali Fazal) is puzzled with Meera's (Sapna Pabbi) behavior (she's the owner and manager of this spooky guest-house that's settled in a remote corner of Kashmir). She's alluring at one time, distant in the other, and this blow hot - blow cold vibe is driving our writer nuts. Another thing driving him up the wall are strange things happening around the house.

You know the drift - doors opening, a book falling off, and a song suddenly playing on the recorder (in this case, it is Aayega aane wala from Mahal). Meera dismisses all this as a result of pahadon ki hava (wind of the mountains). He notices something amiss in her story of her an ailing husband as well, and he keeps chasing her, asking the same question, Tum mujhse kya chupa rahi ho?

A few sexy songs later, we discover her story, which began when she accepted a lift from a creepy stranger (Gurmeet Choudhary) and then proceeded to his deserted mansion. The stranger did weird things in the dead of the night (like walking to the nearby jungle and decapitating a chicken), and by the time Meera discovered something was wrong, it was too late.

Kabir now wants to set things straight and save the damsel in distress. A recurring aspect in the film are the puzzling decisions taken by the characters. Meera accepts to spend the night at a creepy stranger's place, accepting wine, and cheerfully stating that she cannot inform anyone else about her location. The writer fellow sticks on in the haunted house, despite weird occurrences and a positively kooky lady running the show. A strange man appears out of nowhere to help them out. And the ghost, well, he's the most confused of the lot.

While the first half is still watchable, as it builds up on the suspense and characters, the second half is a riot. You have mumbo-jumbo about a dead man's ashes, a person gets entrapped in a photograph, a zombie like whitewashed bhoot (his cries copy-pasted from Creature 3D) appears without a shirt, and a few gross developments set to terrible visual effects. Also, and this is important, films that end with book readings should be officially banned!

The music follows the predictable Bhatt-factory melodious songs formula, with the title track Khamoshiyan standing out.

The performances are sketchy. Ali Fazal is reasonably good and deserves to do more solid stuff. Gurmeet Choudhary is serviceable. Sapna Pabbi is expressionless for the most part, and putting it politely, should get to doing something about that pokerfaced dialogue delivery.

Debut director Karan Darra gives us a film that falls in the horror-erotica genre. Which actually means it's another product from a film-making factory that employs its set formulas in every film. Vikram Bhatt is capable of churning out better stuff, and the highly spooky 1920 comes to mind. Why come up with films like this then?

Rating: 2 stars