I love detective thrillers: Mysskin

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 04, 2011 03:16 hrs

Mysskin loves to experiment and try to do something different. So it's with a lot of expectations that audiences are looking forward to his latest fim Yuddham Sei, releasing this Friday. The film features actor director Cheran in the lead and the film is a detective thriller. In an exclusive chat with sify.com, Mysskin opens up

Why did you choose a detective genre this time?
It's been a genre rarely seen in Tamil for the past twenty years. I am a big fan of thrillers and read Arthur Conan Doyle and GK Chesterton's books regularly.I want to be different each time, so I decided to make a film in this genre.

Is the film based on any real life experiences?
(smiles) Not at all. It's pure fiction.

What's different about the film?
Well it explores the psyche of the criminals and why they commit crimes. So it's not just about who did the killings, but also why they do what they do

Tell us about the cast?
Cheran plays a CB CID officer while Deepa Shah plays an assistant trainee. Cheran worked out for the role of the cop. We have Ameer in a kuthu number along with Neetu Chandra.

You have only one song in the film. Tell us about the music.
Yes, the film does not lend itself to any more than one song which is the item number. I have introduced a young boy called K who I have seen since his childhood. He is immensely talented.

Who has choreographed the item song?
It's a newcomer again, called Muthupandi. Its interesting how he came on board. He came one day at 7 am to my office asking for work. I took one look at him and said ok. He was shocked. But that's how I am. 

The film is based in Chennai. Any particular reason?
When I wrote the script itself, I decided no location should be further than 7 kms from my office. That helped us logistically and in completing the film in fifty days. We did it without a gap.

What next?
I am working on the script for my film with Arya but right now all focus is on Yuddham Sei.