I'm not writing a script or screenplay: Maddy

Last Updated: Sat, Nov 07, 2009 07:59 hrs

Madhavan is on cloud nine. He is turning out to be a important star in Bollywood. His line up of films in Hindi is very impressive and has been able to break the jinx of south Indian heroes making it big in Hindi cinema. There is a boldness and realism in the roles that he chooses. Madhavan speaks to Sify.com about his new Tamil project, 3 Idiots and more, in this quick chat.

Reports say that you are doing your next Tamil film with director GNR Kumaravelan?
Nothing is official. Talks are on but nothing is confirmed. In fact we are yet to discuss the finer points and finalise on the script.

But the local media has written that you are turning story writer and have narrated a story to him and he has agreed to direct it. Please comment?

I know Kumaravelan, who was an associate director during the making of Seeman’s Thambi. He is talented and I am supposed to meet him in a few days to hear his script. The news about me asking him to direct a movie based on my story is untrue and baseless. Right now, I don’t have the time nor I am I qualified to write a script or screenplay. I am busy with the promotion of 3 Idiots and my Hindi projects.

How has 3 Idiots shaped up?
It is one of the best films that I have seen in recent times. Do you know that the film has completed its DI, re-recording and is ready two months before a Christmas release? And now the entire cast and crew are busy planning out the promotions of the film. Isn’t that true professionalism? I want the film to speak and all I want to say is that Rajkumar Hirani is an amazing director who works wonderfully with his script and story that he makes every actor feel so responsible towards his movie.

So when will we see you in a Tamil film?
(Smiles) I am also waiting for the right film to happen. But I’m sure that I will have two releases in 2010.

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