I'm ready for a serious relationship:Trisha

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 11, 2011 03:16 hrs

Nobody messes around with the industry's reigning diva. Trisha is content in her own league, it's this quality that makes her so endearing. Her I-take-no-crap attitude is often shocking but I guess for her, that been her star quotient. She is sensible and practical, and speaks her mind.

For the last couple of days, everyone's talking about the man in her life and her impending engagement. Trisha is cool and composed and clears airs about these baseless reports to Sridevi Sreedhar. Excerpts

Who is Amruth and what's all this news about your engagement?
Amruth is a Chennai boy that I happened to meet a month back, through a common friend and ever since he is a part of our gang. My gang of close friends meet up or do brunches on Sundays. News about my mom finding a groom and Amruth being one among them is all baseless.

But there were reports that you are even getting engaged to him?
(Laughs) I was truly amused after reading it. It is figment of somebody’s imagination running wild. I have not spoken to any media and God bless people who write articles and puts my quote in it. I find the whole thing so funny that I was away in Hyderabad for the last five months, but for the occasional weekend breaks.

So is marriage on the cards?
100% it's on. I have to meet that 'Mr Right' which is yet to happen. But let me tell you that, I'm ready for a serious relationship and I have reached that phase of my life.  First let me meet  the right guy and then I will let the whole world know about it.

What’s your take on Mankatha?
It's a boys film and I have very little to do in it. When this role was offered to me, I grabbed it for the simple reason of working with Ajith and Venkat Prabhu. And it was a blast shooting for the film.

And you have dubbed for the film?
I play a girl from Mumbai and guess that's why, Venkat insisted on me dubbing in my own voice. He told me that we will give it a try and it worked. He was extremely happy. Looking back, I think I was not confident to dub but now I hope to dub for all my Tamil films.

Are you doing a Malayalam film opposite Prithviraj?
Someone had contacted me, but I have no immediate dates. But I am open to good scripts in Malayalam or Hindi. I don’t want to do a film just for the sake of work. I will wait for the right break in Malayalam; I will take up an offer only if it’s a really exciting project.

Did you catch up with any new releases?
Had no time to catch up with new releases. I will be watching Zindagi Na Mila Dobara with my mom and friends. Saw Deivathirumagal and liked it.



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