I need my brother`s advice: Soha Khan

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 13, 2004 04:50 hrs

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Mumbai: Among the new Bollywood faces set to dazzle audiences in 2004 is Soha Ali Khan Pataudi but she says the mere fact that she hails from a family of successful stars in not enough for her career.

"Mere name cannot ensure success. Like the other newcomers, I, too, will have to struggle to become successful", she says.

Soha is the daughter of actress Sharmila Tagore and former Indian cricket captain "Tiger" Nawab Pataudi. She says she is ready to work hard and accept the baton of carrying forward the family heritage in Bollywood along with brother Saif Ali Khan.

In a recent free-wheeling interview with UNI, Soha said that she had never dreamed of joining the ranks of her mother, brother and sister-in-law Amrita Singh. "But when the challenge presented itself I could not refuse".

Bollywood has seen a deluge of star sons-daughters " combos" in the past with the likes of Zayed Khan, Esha Deol, Tanisha, Tusshar Kapoor, Sahid Kapur and the new year seems to be set to see numerous additions to the list.

Soha's first film is expected to state off in February.

With a long line of producers waiting to sign her, she has been offered four more films, one of which is a period drama, and two typical Mumbaiya "masala films", as she puts it.

Soha emphasises that she had not entered this industry to just be another pretty face in Bollywood.

"I want to do good work and only if my initial performances are appreciated, will I continue here or else I would look at other avenues".

Soha admits that being from a family with a film background, the expectations to join the field were higher, but she wanted to complete her studies before taking this decision. Talking about her education, she said, "After moving to Delhi at the age of six, I entered the British school there. Then I went to England to do my graduation in History, after which I did my masters in International Relations".

This self-assured Libran had decided from a very early age not to jump onto the Bollywood bandwagon until she felt her heartstrings had struck the right note. However, she had been quite crazy about acting during her college days and performed in quite a few plays.

An executive in an international bank and model Soha now wants to concentrate on films. She says, "I am very sensitive towards my work, being famous is not the end-all of everything, but its hardwork and sincerity. If I do not put in hundred per cent then the audience will reject me and then it won't matter if this is my family background or not".

Soha asserted that she wanted to work with only renowned and big directors as she would get to learn a lot from them. Aware of the comparisons that would be made with her mother and her sister-in-law, she knows that to live-up to the expectations and beat the odds she has to choose only films with good scripts and strong characters, so that she can concentrate on doing quality work.

Soha said that she learnt a lot from her parents. She said, "My mom is like my friend. When I was thinking of joining Bollywood, I discussed it with my mother who talked about the ins and outs of the industry and the nuances of acting."

Soha has not spent too much time with brother Saif Ali, as she was in England when Saif came back from London after completing his education. So the time they had spent through her formative years was minimal. But she is a big fan of her brother's acting prowess.

Speaking about her brother, Soha was especially impressed by his comic timing. His performances are very sensetive and very mature.

She raves about his performance in Kal Ho Naa Ho.

But, Soha accepts the challenge of having to scale the ladder of success on her own ability and skill. She said, "But after joining movies, I would need my brother's guidance".

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