I've nothing to do with Priyanka: Akshay

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 01, 2004 07:39 hrs

Headlines have been screaming that Akshay Kumar is on the verge of a split with his wife Twinkle. The story has shocked the actor.

"For the first time in my life I feel like going down on my knees and crying. What have I done to deserve such false destructive stories? Some people are trying to destroy my happiness," says Akshay.

"I've no idea where it came from. It says my wife and I had a fight in the lobby of a hotel in Goa. But my wife wasn't in Goa with me! She was in Dubai." Also see: Sify Offbeat special

Twinkle, who's just woken up and is too busy with her appointments and engagements for the day - she runs a huge interior-decoration store in suburban Mumbai - cannot be bothered less.

She confirms she was in Dubai while her husband was in Goa shooting for Abbas-Mustan's "Aitraaz".

The Kumars' beautiful residence looks like anything but a den of marital tragedy. While the wife is in the bedroom, Akshay plays with his son Aarav in the drawing room, trying not to seem upset before the little boy.

"It upsets Aarav when either of his parents are upset. I don't want my son to suffer on our account. In this case we're all suffering for something that never happened."

Akshay is at this moment planning legal action against the papers and the mediapersons who have written about "a fight between me and wife in Goa that couldn't have happened because she wasn't there. I've her passport visa and tickets to prove it".

"But why do I need to prove to people that my wife and I are happy together? Why is Priyanka Chopra being repeatedly brought into the picture when I've made it clear that I've nothing to do with her, and so has she."

The question is, who's spreading these rumours about their split when the couple is saying they're very much together? Sure, they have their usual quota of arguments and fights, like any couple.

But a split and a public fight over another woman? Nah! It just doesn't ring true. Akshay and Twinkle have been married happily for three years.

In a news report, he's been quoted as saying: "I don't smoke. I don't drink. My only weakness is women."

But Akshay never talks like that. He is baffled: "Whom did I say this to? And when? Will the friend to whom I made this classic statement please come forward?"

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