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K S Bava
Asif Ali, Sanusha, Baburaj
Sangeeth Sivan Productions
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Debutant director K S Bava's Idiots may lack even basic logic but is an interesting tale happening one night. It's the comic journey of a few dumb characters narrated in a gripping manner.

A silly don named Beeranikka (Vijayaraghavan) is approached by a purdah-clad girl with a rather shocking demand and hefty cash. She gives the “quotation” to kill herself!

As the girl waits for the killer to come, a thief (Asif Ali) breaks into her apartment. A comic killer Freddy (Baburaj) too joins them. Now starts a series of funny incidents that go on till the next morning.

The story moves ahead in a pattern like some of those light hearted Hollywood comedy dramas. Director K S Bava has presented the film in a nice way with good visuals by P K Varma. But yes, there are quite a number of amateurish scenes and the lack of good writing is evident all along. Things could have been definitely different but the makers have ended the film with a lazy climax.

Asif Ali looks pretty fine, though his performance get shaky when the focus is entirely on him. Sanusha looks wooden and her acting is perhaps the weakest link here. The chemistry between the lead pair is as cold as a fresh scoop of ice cream.

But the highlight of the film is a good show by Baburaj, who made a splendid makeover as a comedian in quite a few films recently after playing the baddie for almost two decades. Now keep in mind that Idiots is not meant to be taken too seriously and you won't need to use your brain to enjoy this one. At least, this one has been made in a slick way in a not-so-familiar pattern in Malayalam.

Verdict: Above Average


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