I’m ready to take the risk: Vijay Antony

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 10, 2010 13:23 hrs

He is one of the fastest growing music directors in Kollywood with everything he touches turning into a chart buster including the ever green Naka Mukka song.

Now the 13-odd film old music director Vijay Antony turns hero with his own production Naan. Will his music take a back seat? Is he taking a huge risk or is it a well thought out move?

In a chat with sify.com, he spills the beans…

Tell us about Naan

It’s a joint production between Vijay Antony Film Corporation and AVR Talkies Pvt ltd. I play the hero, a college student and we have Anuya, Siddharth and Rupa Manjari as other main characters as well. I am also doing the music for the film. It’s a journey of a man and is a thriller without being the usual boy meets girl story.

So you have turned producer, actor and music director in one go with this film. Isnt it a big risk?

I lost my dad at an early age and my mom only could only dream of making me a sub inspector. But I dreamt of coming to Chennai and there I turned sound engineer and from there on tried my hand at music and turned a successful music director.

I am not from a big financial background but got till here only through sheer hard work. I believe if you do anything sincerely you will succeed.

So, I will take the risk. I don’t need to be afraid. One should try everything in life but do it sincerely.

How did you think of acting?

Actually I had been getting offers to act earlier but never took it up. Then one day Jeeva Shankar, who had been assistant cameraman to late Jeeva told me this story. He and I have been classmates from our Visual communication days. I liked it and thought of shooting it straightaway. He debuts as director with my film. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Santra Media’s Venkatramani and AVR Talkies' Murli Raman.

It’s a joint venture and their complete production support is a big help.

So will you give up music direction?

Not at all. Music is a feeling, a state of mind for me. I can compose even in three minutes or three days. It depends. So between shots instead of wasting time I will still be doing my music. I am doing it for this film too and it’s a sure shot hit.

How confident are you about your move?

Very confident. You see a cameraman is directing so the visual clarity will be there. Twenty days of shoot are over and we plan to finish in five months or so. It’s a team work between close friends so the atmosphere is condusive to success.

Did you take up any acting classes?

No. it’s a realistic film and I don’t need to prepare. I am just doing my role with confidence and sincerity. If you act in a realistic manner without over acting I think its enough.

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