Imman: I've introduced 125 singing talents in my 100 films!

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 23, 2018 10:15 hrs

Leading music composer Imman has completed 100 films in his illustrious career. The composer met the media to thank them for their continuous support and also remembered his early days. “Rs 500 was my first salary. Mr. Jayakumar, music composer Harris Jayaraj’s dad gave my first remuneration as a keyboard player”, said Imman, who thanked people in Purasaivakkam area for offering loan to buy music instruments in his early days.

“Even before my first feature film debut Tamizhan, I worked in nearly 5000 episodes for 75 teleserials. I had also composed jingles for almost all the leading textile and jewelry showrooms in Ranganathan street in Chennai. That experience helps me deliver tunes which should catch the attention of the listeners within a few seconds”, added Imman.

Imman also proudly revealed that he has introduced 125 singing talents and among them, 80% are Tamilians. “My biggest goal in life is to provide at least 100 timeless songs to music lovers. Everyone’s system, mobile or music listening device should have a folder in my name with 100 songs”, said the composer.

Imman thanked Shreya Goshal for singing many chartbusters songs in his albums. “Whenever I call her, sister Shreya would catch the flight and record her voice for my tunes, her contribution is impeccable”, said Imman. Clarifying the acting rumors, Imman said that he only wants people to remember him as a music composer.