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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 26 October 2001

Movie Title



N. Maharajan

Star Cast

Sunny Deol, Shilpa Shetty, Mukesh Rishi

By Ad-Lib

Sunny Deol is fast replacing Manoj Kumar as the film industry?s new millennium ?Bharat?. After Gadar, he repeats his love for patriotic themes in Indian, in which he plays a cop whose top priority is his love for his motherland.

Raj Shekhar Azad (Sunny Deol) is a patriotic police inspector, whose loyalty towards his country makes him fight against the traitors of the nation. He?s very adamant about one thing; that he wants to wipe out terrorism, injustice and corruption in India at any cost. Wasim (Mukesh Rishi) plays a world- renowned terrorist who wants to see India finished at any cost. After many unsuccessful attempts at breaking up the peace and harmony of the country, he now has a new agenda, through which he wants to see India ruined. But Azad arrests him and keeps him separately in a special cell. But even in isolation, he manages to operate in masterminding many crimes in the city, which leave behind a lot of destruction. After investigating, Azad finds out that many influential people in the country are backing this terrorist. DCP Singh (Raj Babbar) and Shankar Singhania (Danny Dengzongpa) are two such people. He realizes that the only way to end this terror is to eliminate these corrupt traitors and goes about destroying them one by one. Helping him to end this terrorism are four patriotic men who want to join the police force.

While Azad is a tough cop, he?s a softie at home, married to Anjali (Shilpa Shetty) and has two children. Unfortunately, he ends up killing Raj Babbar, even though he is his father-in-law, after he finds out that he is involved with the terrorist activities. When Anjali finds out that he has killed her father, she leaves her husband. Azad?s only aim being to destroy criminal activity entirely; he goes about destroying the unfavourable elements with gusto. Pratap (Rahul Dev) is one of his loyalists who help him in this difficult task. The film ends with good finally reigning over evil, after Azad attains his goal of finishing off the bad. His final battle is resolved after a lot of difficulty.

Indian is a patriotic film that tells us to peep inside ourselves and ask ourselves the toughquestion. What are doing to end the corruption and crime in our country? It is a direct hit at the unjust police and Government functioning of the nation. Even though the film is a racy entertainer, it has a message that tells each of us, that is ?Be Indian?. As a producer, Sunny Deol has made this quickie to recover his debts after the disastrous Dillagi.

Technically, the film is spotless. Director N. Maharajan has done a decent job. He neverwavers off the script all through the film and sticks to the patriotic flavour all along. The dialogues(Sanjay. S Masoom) are brilliant and sure to keep the front- benchers whistling and clapping all through the movie. The stunts are another plus in the film. On the downside, Anand Raj Anand?s music is very mediocre. Performance wise, Shilpa Shetty is wasted in the film. Character actors Raj Babbar, Shakti Kapoor and Danny are good but both the newcomers Rahul Dev and RajatBedi desperately need to take acting classes. But predictably, it?s the Indian himself, Sunny Deol, who excels as Azad. He looks smart, acts well and carries the entire film on his broad shoulders. Without him, the film is zero. He is the only Indian worth watching in Indian!

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