Irumbu Thirai - First half is topical & smartly packaged!

Last Updated: Wed, May 09, 2018 13:43 hrs

Just like Hollywood, the makers of Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai screened the first half of the film today to the media here in Chennai. In an industry where producers of biggies are skeptical about early screening, Vishal has boldly taken this decision and it shows his confidence and trust about the content and making.

After Pandiya Naadu and Thupparivaalan, Vishal has opted for subtle performance here in Irumbu Thirai, there is no self-glorification and over the top stunts but still, the first half of the film works, thanks to debutant Mithran’s research work on cyber crime and data theft in the modern internet world. 

Mithran has tried to balance the commercial elements with his strong content, he cleverly placed the family sentiment angle to narrate the core plot of the film. Samantha looks pretty and for a change, there is no duets and the romance is not silly and meaningless.

Delhi Ganesh played the innocent Nellai Tamil speaking dad of Vishal in the film, his character and the backstory established a strong emotional connect. Until the intermission, the director hasn’t really shown Arjun’s face but with his powerful voice and the impact he creates in the lives of innocent people makes him as the deadliest antagonist, which is a masterstroke from the newcomer Mithran.

George C Williams has provided stylish visuals and though Yuvan’s songs are just adequate, his background score truly contributes to the racy screenplay, especially in the chase sequence and suspense unwinding scenes.

Except for the few comedy portions like the bar fight, the first half of Irumbu Thirai is truly engaging. So far so good!

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