Is IPL 6 eating into TN box-office?

Last Updated: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 11:16 hrs

Is IPL 6 eaten into Tamil Nadu box-office collections?

It looks like people are more interested in watching IPL at home rather than coming to sticky hot theatres!

After IPL season 6 started, none of the Tamil films released in April has been impressive. And if Tamil Nadu team Chennai Super Kings is playing any match in Chennai, collections in the city drop further.

Says G Dhananjayan of UTV: “Certainly there has been a drop in box-office collections across Tamil Nadu. Most theatres are reporting 40 to 50% drop in the evening and night shows across TN, which is the clear indication of the impact of IPL 6”.

An example of it was the Chennai Super Kings versus the fancied Royal Challengers Bangalore match on Saturday (April 13) which went to the wires. Multiplexes in Chennai reported a dismal 45 % occupancy on a Saturday night, when collections would be normally between 85 to 100 %.  Added Dhananjayan : “In fact, I noticed much higher drops in theatres when CSK is playing in Chennai.”

The scene outside Chennai in smaller towns and rural areas is more dismal, as single screens have reported 20 to 25 % occupancy on weekends when IPL matches are held in the night. In most places in rural and small towns in Tamil Nadu there is continuous power only during nights and people prefer to sit at homes and watch IPL matches.

Due to IPL 6, the opening of Tamil films have dropped during weekends. None of the Tamil films released in April can be termed hits. Says Annamalai a theatre owner: “No Tamil films can stand up to the pace of IPL 6. There has also been no big hero releases, which has also reduced the buzz around new releases.”

It looks like the audiences too are keeping away from the movie halls, as in most theatres the air-conditioning does not work when shows are held using generator power.  IPL alone cannot be blamed for lack of audiences; there have been too many releases and content has been appalling. This has led to audience keeping away from theatres.  

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