Is Nazriya's act a publicity gimmick?

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 09, 2013 05:00 hrs

Nazriya is getting all the attention that she could never dream of from this latest controversy around her director Sargunam using a dupe for a sensuous shot in her latest film Naiyyandi.

Sargunam was keeping a dignified silence about the matter  but was forced to make a statement when the girl took the drastic step of going and meeting the City Police commissioner and filing a complaint that “he abused, threatened me and my family, and vowed that he would bring disrespect to my Muslim community “

Now Sarkunam in his press release said: “When editing the song, I found that I needed a close-up to get the content of a scene across to the audience. I asked Nazriya to come and shoot she told me that she could not come from Kerala and I can go ahead with someone else!

He added: “However, I do not know why she has a problem now with it. Maybe, she is doing this for publicity.”  Sarkunam also added that if Nazriya is offended by the shot that appears in the trailer he is ready to remove it, and challenged the actress to watch the film with media persons.  “The film has been granted a ‘U’ certificate. It is a family entertainer,” he added.

 Meanwhile, a section of film bigwigs, actors and people on the social networking sites who saw the trailer cut, have not taken Nazriya’s attention-seeking act as reasonable. They feel that a rank newcomer who is not even a one-film old ( Naiyyandi is her first solo heroine film in Tamil) could have dealt with the issue in  much more practical and dignified manner.

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