Is Superstar playing grandfather & grandson?

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 11, 2014 10:00 hrs

Superstar Rajini's KS Ravikumar directed Lingaa is making brisk progress in Hyderabad. More details are emerging about Superstar’s dual roles in the movie.

Since one portion of the movie is set in pre-Independence period and one in the present day, it looks like Rajinikanth is playing grandfather and grandson dual roles in the movie. Given the 70 years gap between 1940's and 2014, that makes sense.

But grandfather's character is coming in 1940's, he will also be shown as a Young Rajinikanth. We won't be seeing Rajini in an old get-up. Meanwhile, District Collector and Chief Engineer who builds a Dam for the government are some of the possible roles mentioned for the Superstar in the movie.

Also, Superstar will appear in a Cowboy getup in a duet song with Sonakshi Sinha. The idea seems to be maximise on Rajinikanth's larger than life image, and release the film strategically on December 12, superstar's birthday. 

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