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Ithu Pathiramanal

Ithu Pathiramanal
M Padmakumar
Unni Mukundan, Jayasurya, Remya Nambeesan, Pradeep Rawat
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A wretched villain kills a soft-spoken man, after cruelly raping his wife, as their young son haplessly watches it all. Several years later, the son is back to take revenge and we wait and wait for him to start the action. And we are made to wait till the film's climax!

Well, M Padmakumar's Ithu Pathiramanal is a conventional revenge story without anything new to offer. Evidently inspired by a host of films like Itha Ivide Vare, Thazhvaram and Kanmadam among others, this film is affected by lazy writing.

Johnykutty (Jayasurya) is working in a small time chit company at Marayoor, with his beautiful wife Ambika (Shalu Menon) and their young son, Eldho. Things go horribly wrong when a police constable named Shouri (Pradeep Rawat) rapes her and in the fight that ensues, Johnykutty is stabbed to death.

Years later, Eldo becomes a handsome hunk (played by Unni Mukundan) and he is at Pathiramanal near Alappuzha, waiting for Shouri to come from jail. In the process, he falls in love with Shouri's daughter Sara (Remya Nambeesan).

With a face devoid of any real emotions, Unni Mukundan's character comes into life only during the action sequences. And the viewers will have to wait a bit too long with lots of patience for that to happen.

Remya Nambeesan's character falls pretty easily for Eldo. In a role where she could have made an impression, she barely manages to display her acting skills. Moreover, the chemistry of the pair is colder than a bowl of ice cream.

Pradeep Rawat looks fine and he has been cast as the archetypal baddie, with no heart. With no lip sync at times, the dialogues sound artificial and unconvincing.

Babu Janardhan's script never delves into psyche of the characters and we never really understands why Eldo finds his sister, who was born after the villain raped his mother, unacceptable but still falls in love with the villain's own daughter. The usual clichés to make the villain worthy enough to be hated by all and the male chauvinistic stance of the filmmakers are all to be seen here. Or why do all the women here live at the mercy of men, even when it comes to love?

Manoj Pillai's visuals need a word of appreciation for sure. Some of the performances from the supporting cast, including Jayasurya, Shalu Menon and P Balachandran need a mention as well.

‘Ithu Pathiramanal’ is an old-fashioned revenge drama that is far from engaging. There are some fine moments here and there. Now the choice is yours!

Verdict: Average


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