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Prashanth, Nila, Fefsi Vijayan, Vijayakumar
Rajalakshmi Kalaikudam
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Is Prashanth getting desperate? It shows, when he does films like Jambavan a movie that caters strictly to B and C class audiences and leaves you cold. It is a rehash of so many films that you have seen in the past, notably Baasha.

Velan (Prashanth) is a nice guy, foster son of the village Chieftain (Vijayakumar). He has a recurring memory problem about his past which haunts him. He is actually a city guy whose family got wiped out by some goondas. So he goes back to the city and takes the law into his hands, with the help of an ex-cop and turns into Jambavan (!!), a vigilante. Now Jambavan is on a mission to take revenge and how he goes about forms the rest of the film.

All masala items are there for the masses. But do these masses really enjoy all this without a proper story? A song -Halwa Penne… (with bawdy lyrics), Nila for glamour, an item girl in Megna Naidu, hamming villains in Fefsi Vijayan and above all a clichéd happy family of supporting cast including noted classical singer T.N.Seshagopalan(?)- This is Jambavan for you!

Sorry, this film is a slapdash enterprise that will make you groan.

Verdict: Zzzzzz


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