James Cameron faces Twitter backlash for negative comments on 'Wonder Woman'

Last Updated: Sat, Aug 26, 2017 00:47 hrs

[India], August 25 (ANI): It seems like James Cameron has made 'Wonder Woman' fans really frustrated with his comments about the blockbuster DC superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins.

While giving an interview to The Guardian, the acclaimed director had said that 'Wonder Woman' was a step backward for Hollywood.

Adding, "All of the self-congratulatory back-patting Hollywood's been doing over Wonder Woman has been so misguided, She's an objectified icon, and it's just male Hollywood doing the same old thing! I'm not saying I didn't like the movie but, to me, it's a step backwards."

As soon as he made those comments, social media was set ablaze by fans of the Amazonian Princess and commented by criticizing some Cameron's female characters' exploitation.

Some of the Twitter reactions are:

A twitter user wrote, "I told my mom what James Cameron said about Wonder Woman & she started to cry. WONDER WOMAN MATTERS."

"James Cameron says #WonderWoman objectified its star and was "a step backwards" from Sarah Connor. James Cameron also directed this," wrote another user.

Another user tweeted, "No James Cameron. Just No. This is EXTREMELY disappointing to hear from 1 of my fav filmmakers. Equally as disappointing as AVATAR."

"James Cameron congratulating his ex wife Kathryn Bigelow on being the first female to win a best director Oscar. What a supporter of women!" said a user.

While, another one wrote, "Things James Cameron has said: "Wonder Woman is a step backwards.""Terminator Genisys is good."

Another user wrote, "The James Cameron who made fun of his Titanic star by calling her "Kate Weighs-a-Lot"? That James Cameron?."

Cameron also pointed to his female protagonist, Sarah Connor, in the 'Terminator' films as a strong woman, saying her imperfections made her intriguing to the audience.

The writer-director-producer has been married five times and his previous wives include Linda Hamilton, as well as Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow.

The director shared, "Being attracted to strong independent women has the downside that they're strong independent women, they inherently don't need you! Fortunately, I'm married now to a strong independent woman who does believe she needs me."


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