James Franco, grandma mock fans too scared to watch 127 Hours

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 06:30 hrs

James Franco has recorded a cheeky video message with his grandmother for fans who are too scared to watch his new thriller 127 Hours.

The FunnyOrDie.com video, titled Christmas Greetings from the Francos, shows the actor with his grandmother, who is wearing an 'I Kept My Eyes Open For 127 Hours' T-shirt, in reference to some viewers who fainted during screenings of the brutal amputation scene in the film, reports the Daily Star.

Speaking about the clip with his grandmother alongside him, Franco said: "There are some people that hear about this movie and they're a little scared to see it. I was wondering if you could tell everybody what you thought of those people?"

The grandmother then replies, "I think they're a bunch of p******s!"

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