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Wednesday 22 December 2004

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Arun Kumar, Priyanka Trivedi, Raghuvaran

Arun Kumar is sincere about his intentions to do something different from the routine films, but his D.Ramesh directed Jananam which was long in the making looks jaded. The story, plot development and packaging is old wine in a new bottle and has a hangover of films like Sethu and Nanda . Still it is watchable and has a postive message that unemployed youth can change the way of the society and administration, provided they are focused.

Surya (Arun Kumar) is an angry young man who is a post graduate looking for a job. His girlfriend is Sruthi (Priyanka Trivedi) who always tries to control his rage as he fights against injustice in society. He fights for a friend (Charly) who is a gold medalist but does not get a job as he is not able to get a loan from a bank as he does not have any collateral to pledge. Another gold medalist friend dies in an accident after running helter-skelter hunting for a job.

All this changes Surya?s life especially after he meets a well-known writer and intellectual, Udaya Murthy (Raghuvaran) who urges him along with others to start a movement against corruption and injustice in society. They start an Unemployed Graduate Association which rubs the local politician and don Muthukaruppan (Asish Vidyarthi), the wrong way. The idealist Surya turns into a raging force after Murthy is shot dead by police and he is jailed. In jail he is brutally tortured by the cops as he becomes a rallying point for the youth who are fighting unemployment.

Priyanka Trivedi has nothing much to do and disappears from the film before interval. Raghuvaran drawls while Asish Vidyarthi grimaces, makes faces and chews paan and spits it on his chamchas! Nassar and Rajesh do their roles effectively. But it is Arun Kumar who impresses with his screen presence and he is convincing as the angry young man, who tries to clean the society. Bharadwaj?s music is ok but there are no songs that stay in your mind. Vadivel does a separate comedy track.

On the whole, Jananam a good movie to watch.

Verdict: Good

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