Jerry Seinfeld considers Bill Cosby the "biggest comedian of all time"

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 31, 2017 06:45 hrs

[USA], August 31 (ANI): Many have denounced Bill Cosby after sexual assault allegations that once again came to light about three years ago, but fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld still considers Cosby "the biggest comedian of all time".

While appearing on Norm Macdonald Live, the 'Seinfeld' co-creator told the host, "I think Bill Cosby is the biggest comedian of all time. I don't think anyone will ever match his production and quality of material."

After pausing to let Seinfeld's comment sink in, MacDonald echoed, "I love Bill Cosby," adding, "I used to have maybe the greatest Bill Cosby story ever, and now it's not in the top 10,000. Because I'll tell the story, and now I'll constantly be interrupted by, 'Did he rape you?' He didn't rape me, it had nothing to do with the story."

To which, the renowned stand-up comedian asked Macdonald, "How much are you bothered by the fact that this comedian who you really thought was great turns out to be this person doing horrible things? Do you separate his work from the person? Does it taint it at all?"

The host replied by saying, "Not at all." (ANI)

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