Jiiva - A Star is born

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 22, 2011 09:24 hrs

There are actors and stars. And then there are some who become stars overnight and that's what has happened to Jiiva post Ko, a film which has turned out to be a big hit and catapulted him to the big league.

Says Jiiva: "As son of RB Chowdary, one of the most powerful people in south Indian cinema, I was always under the scanner and my dad always taught me to be grounded. So I have learnt to take success and failure in the same way"

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The effervescent and forthright Jiiva is often candid and his carefree demeanour is refreshing. So what does his family who saw Ko think about his work?  "I have been receiving only positive reactions from everyone and to get positive vibes from within the industry is something very rare. So, I think Ko has definitely changed the way audiences including teenegers, college students and even family audiences are seeing me today", says the actor.

His next releases will be Routhiram, followed by Vanthan Vendran. The buzz is that as per his new star status Routhiram is being re-shot to make it look richer. Ko has given him an all new star status, which is sure to work to his advantage

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