Jiiva: 'Gypsy' celebrates humanity and nature!

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 23, 2019 10:58 hrs

At the media meet of his upcoming film ‘Gypsy’ director by acclaimed filmmaker Raju Murugan, Jiiva said: “A lot of people told me that I’m no longer doing films like Kattrathu Tamizh, Ram and E. At this point in my career, I want my films to do well at the box office and at the same, the content should also be good. When Raju Murugan narrated me the one-liner saying ‘A folk singer travels all across the country and his love makes him into a rebel singer’, I was impressed.  Gypsy actually celebrates humanity and nature”.

Along with Jiiva, a horse also plays an important role in the film.  At the press meet, the makers screened the ‘Very Very Bad’ single featuring social activists.  The film’s director Raju Murugan praised Jiiva for accepting the film.

 “If not for Jiiva, I wouldn’t have made the film. The presence of him only gave the hope for the producer to invest more money. Though the teaser might appear like a political film, it’s a romantic musical. But the content talks about the politics in our lives. My only wish is that Gypsy should get back the investment of the producer”.