Joker trailer juggles all things surprising!

Last Updated: Sat, Sep 01, 2012 04:21 hrs

We've got to admit that we did take a look at the 'first look' trailer of Joker with some trepidation. Here's why. One, it's directed by Shirish Kunder and it's only his second venture. His directorial debut was marked by the unmemorable Jaan-E-Mann. Two, it's written by Kunder who also wrote the super-dud Tees Maar Khan. Reasons to worry? Absolutely!

But surprisingly, when the trailer of Joker unravels, we find ourselves not flinching. We're actually drawn into it.

A forgotten town, government red-tapism and bureaucracy. What do you get? Crop circles!

To put Paglapur back on the map, its denizens live up to its name and hatch a crazy plot. At the helm is the well-educated Akshay Kumar and sympathetic girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha. He introduces the village to aliens, UFOs, things that glow in the dark and bizarre sounds. As expected, the media laps it up. But there's a villain in their midst. And it's not an extra-terrestrial.

Shama Sikander's boyfriend Alexx O'Neil graduates from bit roles to a rather central one in Kunder's Joker. He plays a cynical American who calls Paglapur's bluff. But will he be allowed to reveal the scam? Now, that's certainly a promising premise.

At the very start, when 'There are places on earth where common sense doesn't apply', springs out at us, we groan wondering if Joker is going to hide behind that quote. But it doesn't. It is thoroughly engaging.

While we may not be willing to trust Shirish Kunder completely, Akshay Kumar certainly has evinced complete faith and returned for a second helping under his direction. He brings an immense likeability to his role and the film's plot with comic quips.

Will Kunder and Paglapur's motley crew strike gold? Will Sonakshi bring luck to Akki once again? Find out on 31 August!

Watch the trailer:

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