Joot- Are You Ready?

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 19 December 2003

Movie Title

Joot- Are you ready



Star Cast

Srikanth, Meera Jasmine, Murali, Vivek

Lover boy Srikanth is playing an action hero for the first time in Sri Lakshmi Productions Joot- Are You Ready? directed by Azhagamperumal. The film has its flaws, but for one in this genre they are so few that you barely notice them.

Easwaran (Srikanth) comes to Chennai from a small village in rural Tamilnadu along with his father (Murali) for treatment. They stay with Easwaran?s elder brother (Shyam Ganesh) and family in a small colony. A local goon Aditya (Vijayan) is hand-in-glove with corrupt politicians and top police officers in the state and leading businessmen and ministers get their job done through this gang! In one such incident, Aditya is given the job to evict the residents of SS colony where more than 50 families live. Easwaran gets embroiled in a tiff with the villains and how he emerges winner in the climax forms the rest of this predictable story. Meera (Meera Jasmine), Easwaran?s neighbour is a lawyer who helps him in his fight with the villains as she is in love with him.

The story of Joot is as stale as yesterday?s bread as the plot is clich?d and seen in umpteen mass films in the same genre. The first half when the hero comes to the city from a village and gets into a fight with local goons for no fault of his, reminds you of Dhool. All the scenes are predictable but the film has its own bright moments too like the scene when Meera saves Easwaran from the police station and a few others. Vivek?s comedy track goes along with the story but of late he is unable to evoke any laughter.

However the highlight of the film is Srikanth who is convincing as the village simpleton who turns a one-man army and fights against the corrupt officers and powerful mafia. He has come out with a first class performance throughout the film. Meera Jasmine does her part well though her dubbed voice is jarring at times. ?Fefsi? Vijayan as Aditya has a lengthy role and looks truly menacing. The songs by Vidyasagar are fast paced to suit the mood of the film. On the whole Joot moves at a satisfyingly quick pace and keeps the audience hooked, right till the very end. If you are looking for entertainment for two and a half hours without having to think too hard then go ahead and see it.

Verdict: Time Pass

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