Junior Senior

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 3 May 2002

Movie Title

Junior Senior



Star Cast

Mammootty, Leena, Ramesh Kanna

By Moviebiz

A word or two of unsolicited advice for Mr Mammooty-?Get your act together before it is too late, or else, you will not be a ?junior? or a ?senior? but only a ?minor? ex-superstar! Our advice comes after sitting through a laboured, utterly lame brain film called, Junior Senior.

The J.Suresh written and directed film is set in Malaysia. Santhosh (Mammootty) a middle-aged bachelor helps other guys like Hamsavardhan, Charlie, Ramesh Kanna who are all his friends. But the problem arises when the senior Santhosh and junior Sakthivel fall for the same girl Indira (Leena), without knowing about each other?s love! Indira strikes a rapport with both but prefers to marry Santhosh as he is rich. She even says that she respects money more than anything else! This leads to a highly contrived climax as Santhosh has prick of conscience.

The director himself has no clue about the story. Absurd and haphazardly shot Junior Senior is one of the most insufferable movies in recent times and one wonders what made Mammootty, a great actor do this film!

Verdict: Don?t go anywhere near!

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