'Kaala'will surely make a change to the society: Director Ranjith

Last Updated: Thu, May 10, 2018 10:22 hrs

At the grand audio launch of Kaala in Chennai, director Ranjith said: “Dharavi is the second biggest slum in India. We have recreated the slum here in Chennai with nearly 800 set workers. I would say that working community created this world but nearly 60% of people in the world don’t have land in their name, Kaala will talk about this politics. 

"Music composer Santhosh Narayanan and I share same ideology. What I write in the script will be actually conveyed through Santhosh’s music in the film. I only used all these songs in bits and pieces in Kaala but Santhosh composed lengthy numbers to portray the lifestyle, emotions, social issues, humanity and equality problems in the lives of people in Dharavi. Our film will create an awareness to bring back equality in Indian society” adds Ranjith

Ranjith started his speech by saying that he hasn’t seen such a big crowd in his life and thanked Superstar Rajinikanth for all the support. “I should thank Rajinikanth sir for providing me another big stage. After Kabali, there were controversy and mixed reviews but Rajinikanth sir called me again and I thought of not misusing the space given to me. Kaala is people’s cinema, the political message we handled in Kaala is vital. Although Rajinikanth sir wanted to do a commercial movie with me, I chose to talk about people’s issue because the presence of Superstar will get more reach and the world will know about the real issue”, said Ranjith.

On thanking his producer Dhanush, Ranjith said: “As a producer, Dhanush never interfered in any issue but his only worry is whether Rajinikanth sir is alright and feels happy with all the proceedings. When we told him about musical performance, Dhanush didn’t oppose but he made sure that Rajinikanth sir is fine with it. Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films played an important role in completing Kaala in 80 days”.

The film’s music composer Santhosh Narayanan said: “ My lifetime aim is to perform at YMCA. Thank you, Dhanush for providing caravan to each and every musician. I learned equality only through Ranjith, Kaala deals about politics and quality within the commercial format. As everyone pointed out, I’m a huge fan of Rajinikanth sir”.