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Kaaviya Thalaivan which stars Siddharth, Prithiviraj, Vedika, Thambi Ramaiah marks the debut collaboration of Vasanthabalan and AR.Rahman and if promos are any indications, the composer is all set to have taken us a trip back to the late 50's-60's.Has he? Let us find out.

Vaanga Makka Vaanga

Singers: Haricharan, Dr.Narayanan

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Here's the first invitation! Vaanga Makka Vaanga in all ways is likely to be the title track of the movie (or for a drama within the movie) Almost all the commonly used stage instruments like veena, tabla, mridhangam, nathaswaram are used in this number and the lyrics by Na.Muthukumar deserves a mention. This track indeed has a relatable factor that connects with the typical stage songs.

Aye Mr.Minor
Singers: Haricharan, Shashaa Tirupati

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

The first sighting of Jazz! Aye Mr.Minor is a typical nostalgic throwback to the romantic duets of the 60’s with the instrumentation taking a back seat paving way for the singers to take control. The lyrics are easy on the ears and the usage of conga is noticeable. The way the interludes have been done akin to the yesteryear era is a nice ode. Hello Mr.Edhirkatchi 2.0!


Singers: Shwetha Mohan, Srinivas

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

The album's best track is here! Yaarumilla is an earthy, warm melody set to the instrumentation of neatly arranged table, flute and harmoniums. Shwetha Mohan does a commendable job with the rendition while Srinivas chips in with the humming portions. The lyrics do sound odd at the first instance but later we get to know that it is actually a letter being sung to the tune. Perfecto!

Sandi Kuthirai

Singers: Haricharan

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

Straight out of vintage Nagesh type tracks! Sandi Kuthirai’ is a peppy, 60's type dance number right along the lines of Viswanathan Velai Vendum & Anubavi Raja Anubavi. The track simply oozes fun and the typical rock 'n' roll genre is brought back alive with some lively singing by Haricharan and by some jazz arrangements. Especially the xylophones!

Sollividu Sollividu

Singers: Mukeh

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

This is a completely lyric dominated track which will not find many takers among modern listeners.Though the opening blow horns reminds us of the composer's recent album Kochadaiyaan, the song stands out with Pa.Vijay’s lyrics.The song shifts tone halfway through and the context of the song appears to have been placed in a Mahabharatha backdrop involving Arjuna & Krishna. Looking forward to the visuals now.


Singers: Vaani Jayaram

Lyrics: Arunagirinathar

Vaani Jayaram is back! And how? With a soulful rendition of an excerpt from Thiruppugazh. This number is just a short, prayer song accompanied by mild instrumentations just around two minutes. And yeah, Vaani Jayaram is sounding just like as she did in her golden days!

Alli Arjuna

Singers: Bela Shende, Haricharan

Lyrics: Vaalee

The epic 8 parter! This track's runtime is a mind boggling 10:28 minutes encapsulating 8 short tracks.The initial Gettimelam (lil Ottagatha Kattiko ode here) begins with Vandhanam Vandhanam after which the song gets ready to unleash itself. Yaadhavanam is more of a lyric utterance show depicting Alli-Arjuna's love story. Alli Varugiral which follows next is relatively peppy and fun to sing along. The song shifts course for a sobered Priyasakhiye where the female voice by Bela Shende gets an introduction. Kanna Kanna has relatively colloquial lyrics and is pretty much on the lines of an Arjuna-Krishna interaction. Naan Annathooviyil is set in the similar backdrop as Idayam (from Kochadaiyaan). Gettimelam is back again - this time signaling a happy ending. Although the context is unknown, the finale of this epic –Nenju Porukkudhilaiye has Haricharan fittingly finishing the proceedings with an amazing rendition.

Kaaviya Thalaivan has AR. Rahman at his creative best! Amidst the array of modern composers, this creative genius stands tall and majestic with one more feather to his cap. Kaaviya Thalaivan may not be remembered as 'THE BEST' Rahman album but it ranks straight up there in terms of experimentation and delivery of a musical extravaganza that has class written all over it.

Verdict: Experimentation with class!

Rating: 4/5

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