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Kalla Thuppakki

Kalla Thuppakki
Sampath Ram, Viccy, Prabhakaran, Anand, SB Tamil Selvan
SK Balachandran
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Itís hard to tell you what the film is all about. Do you really have to show so much violence to make a gangster film? Actually, Kalla Thuppakki which was in the news for all the wrong reasons for the last few months has nothing new to offer and ends up to be rather lame.

Four students (Viccy, Prabhakaran, Anand, SB Tamil Selvan) are rebels without a cause. They are always at loggerheads with their PT master (Sampath Ram) and his daughter (Sravanthika).

They want to somehow create problems for the strict master but ends up in trouble when they are kidnapped along with the masterís daughter by a Chennai-based gang who are into theft, rape, and other nefarious activities.

And the root cause is an expensive antique gun, which the boys mistake for a Kalla Thuppakki (fake-gun) and stole when they were on a trip to Chennai!!

The director Logiyas seem to be totally confused making this half-baked venture, which hardly entertains or is gripping. Net result- All smoke, no fire!

Verdict: Tedious


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