Kaly review: A thriller that offers some really good moments.

This one guarantees some good fun, tense moments and a terrific show by Joju George

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Saturday 10 February 2018

Movie Title



Najeem Koya

Star Cast

Shebin Benson, Anil K Reji, Joju George

Director Najeem Koya’s Kaly is a thriller that offers some really good moments.

The story begins introducing a five-member gang of boys, who live a flashy lifestyle, though they come from modest households. They fool around in colourful clothes posing as rich kids, trying desperately to woo girls.

A considerable amount of time is devoted for this build up though it has been presented in an entertaining manner. But things take an unprecedented turn, when the boys decide to get into a plush villa complex one night.

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It’s all fun at the beginning but things go horribly wrong for them. A series of incidents happen, as more characters are introduced, which includes a wily Circle Inspector named T. Thilakan (Joju George).

With a promising storyline, the film has its nice moments all along, but you get the feeling that this one could have been much better. At 163 minutes, the movie goes on and on, which is a pity since some good trimming would have made this a genuine, edge of the seat thriller.

Of course, even in its current form, the film keeps you glued on to the screen. The visuals and the music suit the mood.

The young cast of the film needs to be applauded for their honesty and dedication. Also, there are impressive performances from Baburaj, Tini Tom, Shammi Thilakan and Subeesh Sudhi. But the real star of the show here is Joju George, who is simply brilliant. As a corrupt cop who uses a tense situation to his advantage, he comes up with a memorable performance.

Kaly is far from perfect but even then, it is engaging for sure. This one guarantees some good fun, tense moments and a terrific show by Joju George. Go for it!

Kaly review:Verdict: A thrilling ride

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