Kamal Haasan: Nothing wrong in mentioning actress' name

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 14, 2017 10:57 hrs
Kamal Haasan

On Wednesday’s press meet, Kamal Haasan has talked about a lot of things including his view on Bigg Boss controversy, GST, Kerala actress' abduction case, ticket pricing in Tamil Nadu and double taxation.

“I wouldn’t lie that I’m hosting Bigg Boss for a social cause, it’s my business and my house expenses are covered only through the money earned here”, said Kamal Haasan, who also added that if kissing scenes in movies don't affect the culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu, the reality show too won’t have much impact.

“We are unable to remove the evil term ‘caste’ from our society so I don’t think words in the show are as evil as they say”, said Kamal Haasan on cuss words used by the participants in Bigg Boss.

On Kerala actress abduction case, Kamal said: “We are not supporting her just because she is an actress. It’s a prime duty of every man to ensure women’s safety”. When reporters asked not to mention the name of the actress, Kamal quickly replied “It doesn’t matter. Don’t hide the name, you have put her name and nothing wrong with it. If you want to call her Draupati, call her Draupati”.

Talking about ticket pricing in the country, Kamal said: “The fizz of the soft drinks doesn’t last more than thirty minutes. We entertain you people for 150 minutes but the price offered for us is comparatively low”, the actor also said that Government shouldn't impose additional tax over GST to crush the film industry.

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