Kanda Naal Mudhal

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 30 November 2005

Movie Title

Kanda Naal Mudhal


Priya V

Star Cast

Prasanna, Laila, Karthik, lakshmi

The much hyped Kanda Naal Mudhal directed by debutant Priya V is in good taste without a shred of vulgarity, violence or risqu? comedy that has become the bane of Tamil cinema. Priya deserves a pat on her back for weaving a gossamer romance like her mentor Mani sir did in Mounam Ragam or Alaipayuthe. But the film has its own minor drawbacks mostly in narration and lags especially in the second half.

The story is wafer-thin as protagonists meet as kids and strike up a love-hate-love relationship in the intervening years. But as love triumphs in the climax at a predictable airport lounge, amidst years of spats, quibbles laced with songs seen in such candy floss love stories. Clearly using the tacky friend-as-sutradar(cupid) sets the tone and involve the viewers.

Priya has been successful to bring the three characters ? Krishna (Prasanna), Remya (Laila) and Aravind (Karthik) life-like. They are the life and soul of the film with an equally good supporting cast of Lakshmi, Revathy, Regina (as Remya's sister) and others. The first half moves rather interestingly with all the twists and turns reserved for the second half that plods at a leisurely pace.

There are dim and yet rankling echoes of Subhash Ghai?s Pardes in Kanda Naal Mudhal. Krishna?s characterization is very similar to what Sharukh Khan did in the film, when he tries to match-make between his boss and the heroine but slowly falls in love with her. Here too Krishna is torn between his loyalty to Aravind and his family and his deep love for Remya, which he is unable to express till the climax.

One wishes that Priya had whipped up a more winsome screenplay on the bitter-sweet nature of romance. Yuvan?s music is hot stuff especially the ?Koo Koovene?? and ??Pani Thulli?? numbers. But they could have been better placed as six songs that come at regular intervals mars the tempo of a subtle romantic tale. P.C.Sreeram?s camera is nothing much to rave about as the grading suffers at times.

Among cast it is difficult to say who is better as Prasanna, Laila and Karthik have done justice to their roles. Prasanna is getting better with each film and here you can feel the fire and ice within the character. Karthik fits into the role of that suave and sophisticated youth from Silicon Valley like a T. Making total impact is Laila who has been offered great scope to perform as the fire-brand, tough girl in the first half who explores her soft side towards the climax.

Here is a bold film which does not depend on big stars and tries to bring a savvy freshness to Tamil cinema.

Verdict: Refreshing

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