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A C Mugil
Santhanu, Rashmi Gautham, Santhanam, Vijayakumar, Ashish Vidyarthi
Vijay Ebenezer
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It is yet another candy floss unimaginative love story with some peppy music. The story and screenplay by debutant director AC Mugil depends too much on old fashioned mush to carry the wafer thin story line. The only silver lining is Santhanam who once again rocks as hero’s buddy.

Vasanth (Shantanoo Bhagyaraj), is the grandson of a feudal landlord (Vijay Kumar), who does not wear a shirt but sports chunky gold jewellery. Vasanth is a Casanova who makes a pass at all the girls he meets. His grandfather insists that he finds a girl of his choice; otherwise it will be an “arranged marriage” for our hero!

Finally, Vasanth falls for a beautiful girl Narmada (Reshmi Gautam), and he woos her pretending that he is blind. This leads to hilarious situations and finally Narmada who happens to be the city police commissioner’s (Ashish Vidyarthi) daughter, falls for him!

Soon cinematic complications arise after a fight scene, when Vasanth turns blind!

The first half thanks to Santhanam’s antics is tolerable but post interval it peters out to be another silly movie which lacks a proper story. Please note AC Mugil the director has been inspired to a certain extent from Livingstone’s Sollamalai where the hero pretends to be dumb character to get the heroine’s sympathy. The climax here is contrived and disappointing.

Shanthanoo has done similar roles of a playboy in his earlier films, and has improved his comic timing by keeping pace with Santhanam. Reshmi Gautam is the clichéd ‘poor little rich girl who falls for an unemployed guy’ and has hardly anything much to do other than wearing short dresses and singing songs with the hero in exotic locations.

The foot-tapping score composed by debutant Vijay Ebenezer is one of the highlights of the film. They are shot like music videos in foreign locales beautifully by cameraman Prasanth D Misale, with Enge En Idhayam.. being the pick of the lot.

However, at the end of the day there are far too many songs with no basic story line. Kandaen doesn’t have much to boast about, other than lovely music it is all superficial gloss.

Verdict- Average


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