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"My philosophy is to work for a better tomorrow": P.L Indrajit
By Moviebuzz
P.L.Indrajit is a versatile director among the young brigade in Kannada cinema and has brought style to film making in Karnataka. Proprietor cum Journalist of Lankesh Patrike, Indrajit is the son of illustrious literary personality and journalist P.Lankesh.

He is practical in his thoughts and a workaholic when it comes to films. He knows definitely what the audience wants. His aim is to improve the standard of Kannada cinema. An interview with

As a young and energetic director, how do you foresee the future of Kannada films?
The Kannada industry is like all other south Indian film industry with its share of ups and downs. Take for instance the Telugu industry when Chiranjeevi had bad patch, they said that Telugu industry is going to close down. But Ramgopal Verma's assistants like Teja, Gunasekharan who made Okkadu and other young directors and technician’s lifted the industry by introducing young talents. With this the industry got a new lease of life and now it is currently the biggest one in the country. Back here in the Kannada film industry there are many people who have taken the audience for granted. Two years back, the industry had seen major hits like Appu, Nennagag, Huchcha, Yajamanaetc. Today, with new and talented directors currently entering the industry, we still have hope.

You had three consecutive hits. Can we expect another hit soon?
I am currently working on a couple of scripts, and I have not yet decided what my next venture will be. After the success of Monalisa, I’m working on my fourth project and it is a big challenge as I have to meet the expectation of my audience.

What was the success formula of ‘Monalisa’?
There was no formula for this success. What I have tried out in Monalisa is a perfect balance of what I like and what the audience expect. According to me, when you get this right mix, you hit the bull’s eye.

What is more important in a film- story, glamour, or technology?
Getting a perfect balance of all three including the appropriate casting, good music and aggressive marketing is very important.

In the annals of Kannada film history, young directors have never failed. Please comment
One of the problems I see is that the industry lacks talented technicians. That is the need of the hour. There isn't even a proper training school, so most of the time we have crew members who are either amateurs or are people who belong to other industries.

Thuntaata, Lankesh Patrike and now Monalisa – all were targeted at the masses. Will you direct an art house film in future?
All my three films were targeted at the class as well as the masses. I want my films to reach out to a lot of people and I am here to make a mark. Through my films I want to create a bigger market for Kannada films.

Art films are fine, but they cater to a very niche audience. Apart from a couple of jury members and of course the people involved in the making of an art film, there are not many takers.

But they say that there is no wide market for Kannada films….
When you make good films, the market automatically becomes huge. For example, Monalisa is a Kannada film, but people from other industries such as Telugu and Tamil are now currently buying the dubbing and remake rights for the film. This is one step towards gathering a larger market.

Directors and producers as well as heroes with star value need to think about making bi-lingual films. Only 10 years back, if someone had told you that there would be a market for Hindi films abroad, it would have sounded like a joke. But today, there is a market for Bollywood films everywhere. Similarly, one here needs to work towards achieving the ultimate goal.

What is your philosophy in life?
My philosophy in life is not to live in the past, and work for a better tomorrow. My father has been my source of inspiration, and will always remain so.

Over the last few years you are always in the lime light. Is it deliberate?
There is no substitute for hard work. I guess my efforts are paying off.

Do you agree that small screen is slowly eating into the big screen market?
My film Monalisa has been promoted extremely well through television, and taking this in account, one needs to always look at the positive side of this issue as well. Television has played a big role in making my film a huge success.

How is your family life?
My wife Arpita is a software engineer and I have a four-year-old son Samarjit. My wife is my biggest fan and also happens to be my worst critic (laughs).