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‘I want to take Indian film music to Hollywood’: Mano Murthy
By Moviebuzz
Mano Murthy had hit a hat trick with films like America America’, ‘Nanna Preethiya Hudugi’ and ‘Preethi Prema Pranaya Mano, all super hit films. Murthy, a talented musician is a resident of California and has now scored some Spanish tunes for his fourth film ‘Joke Falls’. Mano Murthy in a chat with Excerpts:

Have you had any musical background?
After completing Electrical Engineering in 1976, I went to USA for higher studies. I studied in St.Joseph’s school and did BE in UVCE College. I have a Western classical music degree. I have done a part time course in music for four years in California. I scored music for dramas of Kannada Sanghas. I have brought out three albums – Prema Gaana, Bhava Malika, America Bharatha (lyrics written by N.S.Lakshminarayana Bhatta) – the third one was ‘Mareyalaare’ in United States. I am a percussionist. I have learnt Tabla from internationally acclaimed Zakir Hussainji. I am a music lover of film songs and my favorites are OP Nayyar, Shanker Jaikishen, S.D.Burman, R.D.Burman and in South India I like A.R.Rehman for his melodies and in Kannada I like the duo Rajan and Nagendra.

How did you get in touch with director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar?
He keeps coming to US. It was during his Kotreshi Kanasu time I met him. He understood my passion for music and immediately signed me up for America America in 1995.

What are your favourite songs in America America?
Surprsingly the one for which I struggled a lot is not my favorite. The song ‘Nooru Janmaku…” and “Yava Mohana Murali…” are my pick.

Sitting in US how do you manage to give music to Kannada films?
I do most of the work at my studio in California and comedown for the recording. It is not economical for me to come down each time as I spend money from my pocket> It’s not nice on my part to ask the producers to bear the brunt of my travel.

What is the highlight of the songs in Joke Falls, your latest film?
There are five songs in Joke Falls and I have used the Spanish music in this film. The audio will be out very soon.

Are you doing more films here in future?
Now my responsibility at the family front is not that big. My son and daughter are grown up now. I would continue my passion in music.

Have you thought of any experiments with music?
I would like to try Jazz music with Indian classical. I love to experiment and create something new.