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"Cinema is a team effort": Ramesh Aravind
By Moviebuzz
The darling of family audience, a gentleman actor, highly qualified and well informed, Ramesh Aravind spoke to at Green House restaurant recently on the location of ‘Joke Falls’. He opened up about his career and the hilarious comedy ‘Joke Falls’ , his 103rd film that is directed by Ashok Patil. Excerpts:

‘Joke Falls’ is your 103rd film?
First of all, let me tell you that this ‘Joke Falls’ is inspired from Hindi film ‘Chupke Chupke’. But some changes are made to the original to make it better. I play what Dharmendraji had done and Neetha is my pair in the film. Though I have done many comedies in the past, like ‘Panchatantram’ with Kamal Hassanji this one promises to be different.

Can you tell us more about the film?
Director Ashok Patil had a bound script on the lines of Hollywood cinema. He suggested for rehearsals in this remake and me, Neetha, and Dattanna took part in the rehearsals for three days. Deepali was in USA and Dilip is from New Delhi. They were not available for rehearsals. The cameraman is Ashok Kashyap. We had plans to release it this season but now it will be hitting the screen by first week of December

When are you trying a hand at direction?
The urge is still there but haven’t yet found a suitable script.

Your ‘Aptha Mithra’ is a huge hit. But the credit went to Vishnuvardhan. Please comment?
I always believe that cinema is a team effort like a cricket match. Everyone from artistes to technicians is responsible for the success. In the case of ‘Aptha Mithra’ everyone, Vishnuvardhan, Soundarya and all artists were excellent.

You are a versatile actor and have done many kinds of roles. Which do you rate the best?
I have done films in all genre like family and musicals like Karpooradha Gombe, Amrutha Varshini, Thutta Mutta, Nammura Mandhara Hoove, America America, Munarina Minchu and Oh Mallige I have tried my hands at comedy subjects like Olu Saar Olu, Kurigalu, Kothigalu and Kathegalu series. Seriors films like Shaapa has failed too, but I try to do different kind of films and not stick to one genre. I am fortunate to have very good feed back from the public.

As a senior actor do you agree that the attitude of audience has changed?
No. They always encourage us for the right work. I respect the audience response. They prefer me to see in the film like Amrutha Varshini, America America and Thutta Mutta. I will continue to do go films in future also.