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"My aim is to get a National award": Radhika
By Moviebuzz
Looking for young and bubbly roles, Radhika is back in Kannada after five Tamil films. This promising and pretty actress admits that her career moves were not that good. Her debut film was ‘Ninagaagi’ in which she got noticed for her performance rather than her looks. Although controversy of her marriage dogged her she faced all hurdles with courage and determination.On the sets of her latest film ‘Good Luck’ she spoke to

You have recently confessed in an interview that your career moves were not wise?
Yes, since I was very young and had no proper guidance. I had to accept some insignificant roles in the past. Many of them did not do well and I was not able to judge who my detractors and friends were.

Gandhi Nagar labeled you as a matured heroine. Please comment
That’s probably because of the roles that came to me. After ‘Ninagaagi’ I did not get roles that suited my age. Although Thavarige Baa Thangi was a massive hit, Thayi Illadha Thabbali, Hudugigaagi, Mane Magalu was full of sentiments and I played characters with maturity. Maybe that’s why people did not accept me later in glamour roles.

Then you migrated to Tamil. Were you lucky there?
My films were average hits like Iyarkai, Varnajaalam. I did ‘Meese Madhavan’, ‘Sollutam’, ‘Badradhi Ramudu’ and ‘Good’. As an actress I have learnt a lot from Tamil industry. I am Kutty Radhika there and am busy till January next year In Kannada I have accepted two good films – Good Luck and Rishi .

But why did you go to Tamil in between?
When films like ‘Thayi Illadha Thabbali’, ‘Mani’ and ‘Mane Magalu’ fared badly at the box-office I though of giving Tamil a try and no good offers came from Kannada.

What are you looking for in life besides good roles?
I am a happy person and want to take life as it comes. My aim is to get a National award for my acting.